Last Minute

I get it, I really do. We all have needs that need to be met right then.

We get an urge and we need to sate it. I get it.

But in the same way that my favorite indulgences can't always be consumed immediately (I'm looking at you Holey Cream), I'm afraid that I am not always able to indulge yours immediately, either.

As a matter of fact, my favorite ice cream place serving me when they're open is actually easy. It's mindless. I have a need for a donut with ice cream in the middle, they have a desire to give that to me whenever allowable. 

I, however, am not an ice cream store, a bar, or a favorite store. I'm a human who needs time to swing my mindset from 'I just woke up, ugh' to 'mmmmm...come in.' It's human nature, or at least my nature.

I also don't work on a timer. I am not set to open at one time and close at another. I work on my feelings and emotions of the moment. You making time to see me, 1) allows me to follow a set schedule (which I love), and 2) allows me to get into the sexiest of mind frames so I can be ready to meet you with unabashed need that you have allowed my mind and body time to prepare for.

I also don't want you to ever have a doubt that I don't spend my life in my bed, wearing sexy lingerie and waiting for the phone to ring. That could never be a life I lead. 

I go to the gym, ride my bike, wake up and have steel cut oatmeal with pomegranate on top while I bask in the beautiful fall weather coming to Arizona. I get my hair done, my nails done, I spray tan, I hike mountains and I drive places to clear my head. Me waiting on phone calls doesn't bring me peace of mind and so I don't make it a priority. 

If you want a true Nikki Irish Experience™ then I suggest you plan for it, then anticipate it and prepare for it. You'll need to. Also: take vitamins. 

Thank you for treating me like a warm, living, breathing human being who wants to meet you with all of the passion and fire I can bring forth. You will not be disappointed in the time you spent making time to meet me.

Nikki Irish