I read an article about Bree Olson (http://www.dailydot.com/lifestyle/bree-olson-untold-story/?fb=dd) and was so saddened by the treatment she's received since retiring as a former sex worker (porn star).  The mindset that exists that women who use their body to make money are worthless is so poisonous to women who do what we do every day.

I like to think I celebrate my sexuality, that I celebrate the freedom I have to do whatever I want with my body, to celebrate men, even. That I am here to do what I love while giving men who come to see me something of what they need. 

But the reality is that people see us as unworthy. 

I am fortunate. I know that my time here is finite so any time I could spend wondering what people think of me is used to live my life beautifully and fully without a single thought to the negative that surrounds my profession. 

I'm not saying there aren't drawbacks, there are. I rarely date, I can't proclaim to the world that I'm amazing and 'hey, look at my accomplishments' like I could in the corporate world because there is a world outside of my bubble that abhors sexuality on display. But I don't allow people to shame me. (I wrote about shame on another blog post)

To see that Bree has been ostracized is outrageous. I can tell you now, having the experiences I've had, that the people I see aren't people without morals. Quite the opposite, actually. I have met priests (of the most devout kind), men of the church, professed Christians, one of whom cut our meeting short when I confessed I was an atheist. That's how disconnected from reality the religious and condemning are. Yet we are the ones with broken moral compasses. It's incredibly disheartening.

Having said that, I, as a provider, have no thoughts about what you do in your personal life (never mind that the religious might have something to say about it.) I have no desire to pass judgement on anyone. And it has nothing to do with this profession. It has to do with living a compassionate, caring, positive life that wants the best for everyone no matter what. 

So when I hear of people condemning other people I want to rip open their lives and expose the dirty, seedy underbelly of it*. That part that exists in all of us. The part that 'god' will forgive someday which is usually the justification for the unsavory things they do*. Okay, so I'll pray the day I quit for forgiveness. (yeah, right)

These judgmental, condemning, inconsistent beliefs pointed at sex workers is so self righteous that I want to scream. Sitting in judgment of other people is such a disgusting thing to practice. Maybe if we all just cared about each other more, cared about letting people live their lives the way they want, maybe if we just cared more the world would be a better place to live. 

Now that I've finished my rant I will end this by saying that he who lives in a glass house should not throw stones. And those who do know who they are.

*that society deems so

Nikki Irish