25 Things

1. I can't sleep with covers over my head

2. I fear very little

3. I am surprisingly not clumsy, I rarely fall or trip

4. I have driven cross country four times by myself

5. I thrive on exploration of anything

6. I love to sleep abnormal amounts if I can get by with it

7. I'm actually much more athletic than I seem

8. I love to dance (club)

9. I can drive 12 hours at a time, if not more

10. I once drove the prettiest dark purple car; it's my favorite color

11. I have lived in 13 states

12. I love clean sheets. No, like, REALLY love them

13. I can cook almost any dessert 

14. I love John Denver and know all the words to his songs

15. I rarely watch television

16. I dislike any color but brown (or variation thereof) in my house (so weird!)

17. I feel most at peace on my road bike (bicycle)

18. I feel most powerful on my road bike or exercising

19. I speak sarcasm fluently (especially with my sister)

20. If you do not love animals we probably shouldn't be friends

21. I love outspoken people who tell me how they're feeling

22. I love the deep emotion that comes from loving someone (whomever)

23. I have made the best friends of my life in NYC

24. I live every day of my life for two certain people, I would die for them

25. I am most definitely a Libra (look it up)
Nikki Irish