I don't get pissed off very often in this business; I find a lot of contentment here, but when it comes to questioning my character I get really upset.

I have worked very hard to maintain an excellent reputation. My reviews are evidence of that. I play fair and by the rules each and every time because this is, despite being incredibly fun, my work (I obviously use that term loosely) and I take it very seriously. 

So when I am confronted with a client that has gone over the line of decency and respect, I deal with that in ways that are clearly outlined. I have no desire to be vengeful, I don't live my life that way on any level. I'm a kind, giving person and most people appreciate that, but if you abuse that I will respond to that appropriately.

I have a 'blacklist' policy. I use it sparingly and for only the most egregious of offenses (as I say on my site). It is a necessary tool for women to keep us 1) safe, and 2) to stay notified of the worst of problem clients. 

Men have the same reporting standards. They have a board where they are free to tell other men about the bad experiences they've had. It seems a double standard to cry 'no fair' when the reverse is true. 

Once, I had a terrible client who abused my time and my intelligence. I can deal with insulting my intelligence, I have that to spare, but time is something that is invaluable to me. I blacklisted him because he absolutely deserved it and backlash followed. 

When you jump on the bandwagon of someone this has happened to you are saying that my reputation is not impeccable, that my words are lies and that I am untrustworthy. That I have not performed due diligence and made sure that this act was intentional, that I just throw around that penalty as though I am not conscientious about my actions. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

I'm sure you could say the same thing about the client and I will just repeat that I do everything possible to make sure that what I am hearing and reading is the truth. We all know when we hear the truth and when we don't. If there is ever a doubt in my mind at all I choose to err on the side of caution. I would never default to destroying a person's reputation I assure you.

So, if you have heard anything negative about me and a client just know that I have done everything possible to assure a positive, meaningful interaction. If it goes another way I will do everything I can to repair the damage or to mitigate it. I'm sorry if there is fallout from that, please be aware I never intend that. 

Now everyone who has been wasting my time can get back to the business of living their incredibly short life in the never-ending sunshine of Arizona. PLEASE. 

Thanks for reading.

Nikki Irish