'Tis the Season

Every year since I began doing this I've held pretty successful food drives at Christmas time. I also donated time and toiletries from my travels to Ronald McDonald House and I thought it was enough, I had done my part. 

I was wrong.

Recently I got involved in a very cool thing that involved charity as well as other things like sports, hobbies, etc. I signed up for a few things, but have traveled so much I hadn't really actively participated. That recently changed. 

I offered to be a part of a really important (I didn't know how important at the time) thing that has really changed my outlook. I think I've always had compassion for people, but if I were to be honest I'd say it wasn't to the level that caused me to go out and try to change circumstances. Well, I'm done with that way of living. 

I refuse to stand on the peripheral and look in at the suffering of the people that I share this earth with any longer. There is so much sadness and pain that could easily be alleviated by just giving a little bit. Listen, I'm not going to be nominated for sainthood anytime soon, but I know, I KNOW, that I can make a difference, even if it's minuscule to those who judge these things. 

So, having said that, I'm starting to offer incredible deductions for those who help me in this endeavor. This is an endeavor I could surely manage alone, but in seeing me I'll help us to help others and I'll be eternally grateful to you. 

I know that some that I see are travelers and I would be happy to take any donation you give me and buy needed supplies and email you a receipt. If you're near me I would love to have clothes, toys, art supplies, sporting equipment, etc. Nothing has to be new. There is so much appreciation for anything you can do. In return I'll make it so worth your while. Heh. 

Please join me in making this holiday season better for someone else who can't make it better for themselves. Then we'll share some joy together. 

Happy Holidays.

(Because I've been asked a few times, you can send any donations to PayPal at thenikkiirish@aol.com. If you're not comfortable with that please contact me and I'll give you an address or we can come up with another solution. I'm so moved by your generosity already. Thank you, thank you, thank you)

Nikki Irish