I continually strive to give the people who want to see me a view of who I am. I have reviews, I tweet, I write in this blog; I really want you to see me as much as is allowed without crossing privacy boundaries (that's a totally different issue). 

I do this for a reason: the more you can see of me, the more you will know if our time together will be spectacular. It's nothing less than what I want for us so I use every tool at my disposal to help facilitate this. 

It would be very difficult for you, with all the information out there, to make an uninformed decision about whether I'm right for you or not. Yes, there is the chance that chemistry won't happen for one reason or another, but it won't be for lack of information. 

Having said all that, I'm sometimes baffled at people who come to see me who want the exact opposite of what I offer. 

I am a sensual, open minded, happy person. I strive to make a connection in the short time we're together. I want being with me to produce a shock to your system. A momentary respite from your regular world. i want to be memorable; I want us to be memorable. We never have to touch again, but while we are touching I want it to be electrifying. And I want it to feel like us being together is the most natural thing in the world. And I take care of that with my openness and warmness and my very welcoming invitation for you to come with me to my world for a little while. You will drop your guard with me very quickly. 

So when I meet someone who has difficulty relaxing, who wants the meeting to be guided by their own personal experiences instead of seeing this as a whole new one, who wants to keep a wedge between us, I internally bristle, but carry on. We are not compatible and I want to say that, but I hate not being able to at least give the person who thought enough of me to come see me some sort of experience. Even if it is a closed off, rigidly guided replication of every experience they've ever had before. I then feel required (I hate feeling required) to carry on. 

This is not a normal experience with me. I see you, I feel the vibe between us, I move in to feel you, to taste you. And, while I do direct most of the time, it's generally only in a direction I see that you're willing to go. I'm very flexible and easy to flow with. But I want it to flow

Please be mindful of the kind of experience you want to have using the abundance of information I have given you so that our experience together is amazing and memorable. I love achieving that with you. 

Nikki Irish