If there's one thing I'm very proud of in my life, it's that I've been able to evolve as a human in almost every way. Evolution, by its nature, is change, and change is hard. No doubt about that. And it's been hard for me every step of the way.

Who doesn't love the comfort of things familiar? I know I do. But clinging to the familiar to the exclusion of change and growth is limiting and self defeating and I refuse to allow that to happen in my life. 

And, so, with that out there I segue into my moving to Arizona. 

Some have seen the progression of my life and asked in wonderment why I feel the need to live many different places. I don't know that I have an answer. I don't think 12 states is that many especially considering I was part of a military relationship in my life and was condemned to moving some places (I'm looking at you D.C.!). Other moves were done on a whim, but I have yet to regret one single move I've made. 

I suppose that doesn't really answer the 'why' of moving to Arizona so I'll expand on that. 

This all, of course, revolves around Vegas. It is exactly what you see: shiny, loud, carnival-like. But what you don't see is the seedy underbelly and the magnetic attraction it has to dysfunctional people. 

It can be, in isolated areas (Mt. Charleston, Red Rocks, Hot Springs, etc.) very beautiful and peaceful. Those are a few exceptions to the rule that Vegas is actually a throw-away spot. You come, get drunk, vomit on the sidewalks, lose your money and go home. There isn't a huge appreciation for what the city does have to offer away from the strip. And, truthfully, it doesn't offer much. For such an almost world-class city it has no museums, not much of historical significance (and the little it does have most don't care about), or anything that most cities as popular have. And, I'm here to live my life, not just exist in a mundane city careless about what it projects.

The fact that it's main draw is tourism should tell you what kind of people thrive here. Carny-like (see above), aimless, lost and never looking for anything more than what's right in front of their faces.

I'm not one to generalize, usually, I think smart people usually don't (yes, I was saying I'm smart), but Vegas is my exception. I've never met a bigger group of people more alike. Of course, the transiency of Vegas is a huge part of the problem. No one is actually from there (and the ones that are HATE the people who move there), there are no roots to cling to, there is no sense of community, it's like one big stage for Cops. 

So, I'm not those people, I don't intend to ever be someone that could stay in a place so unaware of its own ugliness that I become part of it. I will miss the friends I've made and the relationships I've formed, but not much else.

Arizona, however, offers me the comfort of family (very close family), the ability to watch a football game (you have no idea how much you miss it until you can't do it), museums and art, beauty and affordability. It's a classier Vegas (and Vegas seethes with envy over that fact) and the people are incredibly kind and accessible. I love that part the most. 

I also have a very close relationship there with someone I care about deeply, someone that I have a great future with and I'm excited to explore that. 

So, I'm sorry that I can't stay in Vegas, but not that sorry. I'm happy to be following my happiness once again. Phoenix seems a more permanent move as well. So, join me in saying good-bye to this phase of my life, and onto a different one. 

I'll see you in Phoenix!
Nikki Irish