The purpose of this post is to talk about respect. Respect for yourself, respect for your profession and respect for other people.

I'm sure a lot of you have seen this video: FarrahGFE 

In it Farrah talks about herself (a lot), about working as a 'high end' escort and basically how much she dislikes doing it and the men she does it with. 

I started escorting when I was in my 30's. I could never have imagined doing this at 18. I had just graduated high school and was going to college, about to be married, etc. at around that age. That was enough to worry about. Never mind that I didn't even think of sex along those lines when I was that age. 

So, the video. I personally thought that in degrading the men we see and the profession we chose to be in, that she degraded herself and what she does with this slickly made (through no help of her own) 'Farrah' showcase. 

I saw a young girl who never got any attention at home (or maybe unwanted attention hence her ability to be so sexual at such a young age, I don't know) and desperately craves it. Or, someone so desensitized to those around her that she doesn't see how she comes across. Or both.

I think she sought this out; there are more beautiful and refined women out there who could talk about this work in a more eloquent way, so it's hard to believe that someone would actually approach someone so jaded and cold. I think she doesn't have a sense of herself or how she appears to the public at large. I find it shocking that the people who put this together didn't see it either. It surely must have been done purely for shock value. That's the only value I see here.

I don't fault her for that, I'm sure (as you can clearly see in the video) that she doesn't give a fuck what people think about her. But, to put this out there, that she dislikes this profession and isn't present when she's with these men, is basically career suicide. And I have no clue who would do this on purpose, but some delusional, self absorbed child. And that's what you see. A person who clearly exhibits a lack of respect for her or the people she comes in contact with.

I'm embarrassed for her. I'm angry that people are justifying this vehicle for her narcissism. She's so enveloped in her own tiny world that she doesn't see any of you and doesn't care, either. Again, a complete lack of respect.

But the worst part? She represents this industry. An industry where men are already jaded by experiences like the kind she gives. They see women as objects to fulfill their desires and the humanity of it all disappears. 

I am not her, she does NOT represent me or most women I know. I love what I do. I have never once tried to decide what fingernail polish color I want to use next when I'm with a man. I'm too involved with the person I'm with, I'm too busy trying to draw out every bit of pleasure I can get from this experience and I'm too respectful of the choice the man has made to be with me. And because every experience is a part of my life, and I don't have meaningless experiences. 

I enjoy myself thoroughly. I may not draw on the experience ever again, I may not remember it in a year, but I'll always know that when I was in that moment with that person that I was aware, I was involved and I was loving the pleasure of it.

The best part was when she said she did this so she could have material possessions. You can have all of that doing this and still acquire nice things. They aren't mutually exclusive. I have nice cars, a nice home, a nice savings account and I still enjoy every encounter I have. And I maintain respect for myself.

She needs to do something else. And, with being too lazy for college (good luck getting far in life without an education), too lazy in life, I'm not sure anything but McDonald's is the place for her. But, she needs to get out of this profession and let the women who revel in this life, who love these experiences bring genuine pleasure to the men who we are grateful to see.

But most of all, she needs to learn respect.

Nikki Irish