Rumor and Lies

I usually don't care to address rumors or lies, but this one was just believable enough that I had to address it.

So, some tool on TER decided that he'd make a list of all girls that were presumably 'pimped out.' He'd heard this from LE, supposedly, and wanted to share this erroneous information with all of TER. 

I don't really care who this person is, or what he does with his life, but this is getting a little ridiculous. First, no law enforcement officer is going to buddy up to some douchebag liar on TER and give him all this information. Secondly, what does being 'pimped out' have to do with anything? 

If I worked for an agency I'd let that agency do all my work for me. I wouldn't hide it. If someone else was calling all the shots I'd let THEM make all my appointments and answer all my phone calls and emails. 

As it stands, it's my job alone. I am an independent provider and have been since I started this in July of 2006. I'm proud of the fact that I do this by myself. That I have become who I am through my own hard work. I don't even have a scheduler because I don't trust people to protect my reputation the way I do. Sometimes it would be easier to have someone do all this for me, but I refuse to give that control to anyone.

I am not offended that someone thought I was 'pimped out,' I'm offended that someone else gets any credit for my hard work. I do all of this, I project the image you see, I come to you of my own free will, I am my own person. 

There is a lot of good information on TER, I have used it to my benefit, and you to yours, for years, so I'm not bashing them. But, please, be careful about what you believe, it could hurt someone in some way and that's never good. 

Now, let's have some fun and stop spreading lies and untruths. The world has plenty of that without any help from TER.
Nikki Irish