At first I was going to write some rant detailing how ridiculous some things could be in this business when I thought of something that happened to me recently and decided to trade bad energy for good and share this instead.

My offspring recently called me with terrible news. A man that he considered a mentor to him when he was younger had just died. I could hear his voice rise in frustration when I couldn't give him what he was asking for immediately. The anger was just a cover for the grief he was feeling and I understood it for what it was. I calmed him, told him I'd call him back and we'd work it out. We did. He is now back in his hometown mourning this deep loss. I'm terribly sad for him. 

That really isn't the story, though. The story is who this person was in his life. He happened to be the brother of his former step-mother (she divorced his father a few years ago) so in essence his step-uncle. But not even that as they were no longer in the same family. Except that's not true because that's not how love works, is it?

He, with zero obligation to my son, invited him into his life and encouraged him with sensible advice, a respect he held close and an investment that has lasted for years longer than you would have thought it would. Except that's not how love works, is it?

For Mother's Day my son also wrote a poignant post to his ex-step-mother. I added to the post, that yes, she was amazing and I loved her for the love she had for my sons. Then love came from other places; extensions of love from people that I didn't know. Love grows, doesn't it? 

Then my sister, my mother, they added notes of condolence to this person they'd never met, but who they knew had a profound impact on my son. And the love grows, doesn't it?

I then realized that the love I have been surrounded by has come from places that most would never consider conventional. And I think a lot of people are stuck thinking that the way things are, is the way they should be. Family should only love family. The first ex-wife should not love the second ex-wife. The ex-wife and her family should certainly not love the second ex-wife's extended family, but I'm happy to say that...that's not how love works, is it?
Nikki Irish