I do love it. I do it as often as I can because, dammit, I'm worth it. 

I have a beautiful, highly rated spa very near my house fortunately. I booked an appointment one beautiful Sunday and headed over to sit in the jacuzzi, steam room, sauna...yum.

I also booked time for a facial and a hot rock massage. 

First, let me tell you this is what I sounded like the whole time I was there: Mmmmmmm. Ahhhhhhhh. OH MY GOD. Wow. Mmmmmmmmmmm. A lot of mmmmmm's, actually. 

There is a reason I'm saying this. 

I head to get my hot stone massage. There is absolutely nothing better than sliding naked under the heavy blanket and waiting for someone with experienced hands to run them all over my body. Okay, maybe orgasm. But, god, it's so close. 

So, a young guy comes in and begins the process of placing the rocks on my back, in my hand, etc. He then starts to run the warm rocks over my body. I cannot contain myself or the almost-orgasmic joy I feel going through my body. Cue sounds from above. I couldn't help myself. When I feel something delicious an involuntary moan comes sliding out of my mouth. Sensually, sexily, yes. I'm sorry. Not really.

So, he's rocking my body (I apologize, bad pun). I'm laying there and cannot keep my mouth from making these really dirty, sexual noises. I had to admit, I wasn't turned on by him, but my body betrays me and so I know he thinks HE is the one turning me on. Know how I know? He asks me out to dinner. 

Oh. My. God. I've done it now. I deflect the attention and go back to the business of absorbing this amazing pleasure. Do you think I can stop? I can't. My mouth, my body, those noises. Oh man. 

Thankfully, or not so, the massage ends and I can sneak out without looking him in the eye. I just couldn't. How embarrassing. 

So, I go to get a facial. SAME THING. She's rubbing my shoulders during the time the mask is on my face, etc. By the time I'm ready to go I'm pretty sure the gorgeous girl thinks I'm going to ask her out. She walks me to the waiting area where I started with her arm around me the whole time. Oh my god. Again.

I'm pretty sure everyone there thinks I'm the spa slut. I'd defend myself, but I would never apologize for feeling so damn good.
Nikki Irish