Safety & Etiquette

For the most part I have very little trouble with appointments in this business. Most men are genuine and kind and care very much that I feel safe and comfortable.

And there are those who don't. They are the ones who mislead, harass and sometimes threaten. Those are the ones that make this a difficult job, because to not be wary of everyone means getting taken by the men you least expect to. I can't allow that, obviously.

It surely must be the rule that references are required. Why would I meet someone that I have never met before, have no knowledge of, most likely don't know their real name to find anything out about, etc? What kind of logical person thinks that way?

That means, gentleman, if you write to me as though you have no idea what a reference is, or you get upset because I require them, I will most likely block your email address and hope that you forget about me. 

I would no more meet a stranger in a bar and take him home than I would allow you, also a stranger, into my home without knowing that at least someone else trusts you. I also would never meet someone in a hotel that I had no information about. This is common sense, please don't act like I just asked for your credit history when I say I need references. You know better.

Also, writing to a person just to harass them shows a marked lack of outside interests on your part. Join a team, find a hobby, clean your car, I don't care, but please stop writing me without any intention of ever meeting me. That is creepy, weird behavior and is frightening. It also shows that you're most likely friendless and living in a dark basement playing WoW and calling online people your posse. Great.

But, if you write to me and immediately give me a couple of references and a few lines about who you are and what you like, we'll get along famously. A picture goes a long way as well. I just want to get the formalities out of the way first so that we can then get onto the most important thing: you and me. Together. Oh yeah.

So, drop the behavior that says 'Be afraid of me,' because I most likely will oblige you, and if you're scary enough, inform other people of that fact, too. 

All you other sexy men, keep writing and sharing your time with me, it's been such a great experience!
Nikki Irish