Dirty Job Done

Well, of course you need a redheaded woman.

I was sitting here on this beautiful Sunday morning and a song that I was introduced to by an old lover popped into my head. Bruce Springsteen's Redheaded Woman.

When I first heard it I didn't realize how dirty it was, or how aptly it described redheaded women. 

Aren't we fiery and hot? Dirty and delicious? What is it about us? 

Having thought it over I have to say that it is definitely an internal inferno. There is something that burns inside of me. It is passion turned up high. 

I'm not just talking about sex, that is just sort of a vehicle to express that fire. I mean, it's about feeling passionate, it's living on a higher level. It's loving and breathing life. 

We can see every cheap thing you've ever done because we have that intuition and it usually slants to the dirty. Which is where I think men like to hang out. I know you know what I mean. 

This song has just made my Sunday. It's also made me want to embrace even more my sexy, sensual, dirty side. It makes me proud to be a redhead.

So, play on. I'll put my tight skirt on and dance for you.
Nikki Irish