I just read an email from someone who could potentially be a new friend. The more I read his detailed email to me, the more his personality came through, the more I wanted to meet him!

His sense of humor was evident and really drew me to him. He included photos of himself (one as a joke) and by the end of reading the email (actually, re-reading) I knew I had to meet this person!

I have often wanted to know more about the people I meet with, but in the interest of privacy I've never asked for more than I've been given (in email, people, in email).

Obviously the more you know about the person you're with, the more intimate the encounter. I also try to remember the details I am given so that we have things to share in conversation. I want this to feel like a heightened experience, not just a THING.

Whatever you may hear or read about this profession; I am not in this solely for financial gain. I find that knowing nothing about a person has a certain appeal; the thrill of finding out little things as our encounter progresses, but really knowing who I'm meeting gives everything a feel of sexy familiarity. I love that.

So, introduce yourself to me. Tell me who you are, show me who you are. I want your personality to come off the screen and surround me. I want you to be a participant in our experience. It will make it more than you ever thought it could be, I'm sure.
Nikki Irish