Here it is, Farrah's ( and my completed itinerary for our road trip! We're so excited to be hitting so many amazing cites. We just wish we had more time to visit them all!

Here it is:

Washington, DC - June 11-16

Louisville, KY - June 17-18

St. Louis - June 18-20

Denver - June 21-23

Salt Lake City, UT - June 23-25

Then home (Vegas, baby)!

By the way, the end date is the date we actually leave that city so we'll only be able to meet until noon that day (when we have to check out). Just an FYI!

We hope that you'll send us suggestions on places to visit, things to see and do, and important stuff like the best place to stay, etc. We want to really get in and see the cities that we visit as much as possible as well as meet all the wonderful people in those places! We can't lie: WE'RE EXCITED!

I will also have photos, we'll tweet our progress (please follow Farrah on Twitter: FarrahGFE) and make sure that you know where we are so you can find us (we have no rules on what you can do to us when you finally do). ;)

See you sexy men soon!
Nikki Irish