I apologize for the delay in getting back here and writing, I do miss it, but I've been so busy! I don't remember the last time that taking a deep breath felt so good. 

So, I've had a few things happening. I'm moving into a new house. I'm very excited about that. It's stressful, but once I'm in I'll be deliriously happy, I'm sure. 

My dog, Gatsby, was diagnosed with a brain inflammation. It requires extensive chemo and medical appointments. He's very sick, but hopefully with the treatment he'll feel good and he'll be my little partner for a very long time. It's distressing to talk about, so we'll leave it at that.

I've traveled to DC, which was amazingly fun! I love, love, love the men of that city, they make every trip there so enjoyable. I wish I could spend more of my life there, it makes me that happy to be there. 

I'm headed to NYC May 6-12. It will be very exciting to be there, the weather should be perfect! I'll be going with Farrah again, we always have such a good time! I'm staying in Midtown, as usual, so I hope to see all of my good friends while I'm there. I look forward to making new friends, too!

So, I'm packing and cleaning and stressing out. I'll write more later! I've really missed this blog! 
Nikki Irish