I think we can all safely agree here that time is valuable. It's a precious commodity that you will never, ever have enough of. It's not bottomless, it's not overflowing, it ebbs slowly and silently until it's all gone.

We all know what time means to each of us; I'm pretty sure we all value our own time.

What I think we don't do is value other people's time. And what I especially think I understand, is that people who see women like me fail to understand the value of my time.

While it's a decadent fantasy to believe that I sit around all day in my lingerie and expensive perfume drinking fine wine in a candlelit atmosphere, I'm afraid that it just isn't true.

I have a life; family, friends, hobbies and serious pursuits that take up a vast majority of my time. If I see you it is because I have taken a very important amount of time and set it aside for you. I didn't do it frivolously, I didn't spin around blindfolded and point to a time. I didn't agree to a time because my day is so wide open that anytime with you would work. I made a conscious decision based on the very important things going on in my life to make room for you.

So, when you write to me, you send me references that I diligently check, we correspond (sometimes at length - which I don't mind) and I then clear the time that YOU asked for, making it so no one else anywhere near that time can see me. Because I don't watch the clock this is very necessary. All of that takes time. Precious, valuable time that I have spent, and thus wasted if you don't show up, if you cancel or if you decide you've found someone better.

I would never, as the consummate professional that I am, ever do this to you. I would never take your time and then write you cancelling because I got a better offer or I decided that I'd rather go shopping or spend time doing something else.

I'm not saying everyone does this, but it is turning out to be a bigger problem here in Vegas than I've encountered in other cities.

Please understand that, while I love doing this, meeting you, sharing my very valuable time with you, that it affects me in many ways if you make an appointment and then don't show up.

I'm asking for courtesy, that's all. Be courteous of my very valuable, precious time. Thanks.
Nikki Irish