Oh, New York City, you've once again swept me up in your welcoming embrace and held me warmly with the amazing men your city teems with. It was so good to see you again, too.

I don't know where else I can feel this passionate, this wild, but with you. You open up and you implore me to give everything I have to you, and you return that to me over and over.

You bring to me the most sensual of men. Where did you find them at? I need to clone them and take them back to the tame West with me. We would light the night sky on fire.

I am rapturous, drunk on the ecstasy that I've experienced. Spent, but renewed by the headiness of my experience with the city and its incredible inhabitants. You have all reminded me of why I will forever have this place embedded in my soul.

I have experienced lovers to surpass all lovers, laughed and reacquainted myself with old friends and made new ones. Orgasmic doesn't touch the feeling that I leave here with.

Thank you, you bright, beautiful city and all of you that helped to create this euphoria in me and have me dreaming of my timely return. Until then.
Nikki Irish