You walk in and I immediately come to you and wrap my arms around you, I press my body to yours and I breathe in your scent deeply. I tilt my head up and look into your eyes in a slow, deliberate motion that tells you I need your lips on mine.

You acquiesce and we are bound together for seconds that turn into minutes that seem to turn into hours. Your hands slide up and down my body, slowly feeling the curves and the softness of my exposed skin. I hear your moan and pull my mouth from yours, searching for the next moment in our evening in your eyes.

I see that you crave me and I place my hands on your face and bring your mouth back to mine. Kissing you deeply, I slide my hand down your chest and bring it to rest on the zipper of your tailored pants. It doesn't surprise me that your pants have now expanded to hold your throbbing cock.

I reach back up with both hands and start to untie your beautiful tie, unbutton the shirt that covers the body I will soon worship for hours and hungrily try to shred your clothes without a tear.

You soon stand naked in front of me, my hands slowly making their way over every inch of you. Circling you, whispering in your ear how I can't wait to have you inside of me, touching every part of you. My breasts slide across your back and it is all you can do to not twist me to the front of you and throw me on the bed, sliding into me and fucking me without mercy. But you wait, there will be time for that...

To be continued...
Nikki Irish