Washington, D.C.

As I sit here packing my things up and getting ready to leave to go home to Vegas, I feel a sort of sadness creeping over me. 

This has been the best time I've ever had here. I have seen amazing people, all of you, I've eaten great food, I've had amazing conversation, seen old friends and experienced new places and I am so happy that I have. 

Thank you, every single one of you that came to see me and that made me feel beautiful and sexy and adored. You are all so wonderful. 

I hope that you won't forget me and that I made your time with me just as enjoyable, because it was all so wonderful for me. 

So, thank you for your kindness, your amazing generosity, your fantastic company and for being the same gracious men that I've always known here. You are wonderful and adored by me. 

Happy holidays, you've made mine joyous.
Nikki Irish