There is one characteristic about me that I've always taken pride in and that is my integrity. I guard it fiercely and no one is allowed to compromise that. 

My name and my identity are sacred. I consider doing this a privilege, but it is also my livelihood and like any good manager would do, I intend to defend my position and my business.

In my personal life I have great credit, I pay my bills on time without fail (a day late isn't acceptable to me), I honor my word, I'm a friend, a sister and a mother and I'm depended on. I don't fail those who need me. 

I have pretty great reviews because I put all of my energy and effort into having spectacular moments with the men who see something in me that causes them to choose me over everyone else. It comes from a sense of wanting to show appreciation for their choice and a place of gratitude (and because I LOVE doing it!).

I'm not perfect, I make mistakes, but as life goes, I am a pretty honorable person.

Lately my integrity has been called into question by not-so-stable people that I've come in contact with through this business and I feel the need to defend myself on at least some small level.

First, let me state the obvious: people have agendas. People with an axe to grind most certainly do. I've come into contact with it recently and it's ugly. People without dogs in the fight have come in with agendas. Loyalty can be a good thing if it weren't so outrageously misguided, but I digress.

My position about this and every other thing in my life is: I am guided by the situation, by the acts of the other person, by a need to secure my personal safety and by my own internal compass. Nothing that is done to me is worth me compromising my integrity. If I did something it was based on facts that no one but the people intimately involved know about. Assuming otherwise, listening to biased parties, etc. sounds like politics to me! 

So, to end this random post, whatever you've heard about me comes from a disgruntled person with an agenda and that is to smear my reputation. From my standpoint I feel safe and secure in knowing that nothing happened that caused me to compromise my integrity and I genuinely feel that in the deepest part of me. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll continue to see me as the Nikki Irish you've always know. Thanks for being so awesome.

Nikki Irish