I don't need a season to be grateful, but I'll go ahead and use this as a platform to tell you all how deeply appreciative I am to have talked to you, gotten to know you and met some of you and how grateful I am that you keep coming back day after day and reading the most nonsensical tripe ever posted on the internet. You rock.

Thank you for your generosity, your sense of humor, your concern for me, your desire to see me and most importantly, your desire to form a connection with me. Your amazing dedication to me humbles me.  

Thank you for making my life richer and fuller just by knowing all of you are out there and cheering me on, thank you for buoying my spirits when I see my loyal following. Thank you for taking an interest, there is no greater a compliment to me than your interest. I am truly, truly undeserving, but oh, so grateful. 

I hope as this year comes to an end that you take stock of the amazing things in your life, that you love deeply and live a life unbridled all while being grateful, I know for a fact that I have and that I am.

Happy holidays to you from a very, very grateful me.

Nikki Irish