Addendum to My Holiday Donation Post

I'm sorry, I should have specifically mentioned that I am only doing my food drive in Las Vegas, not in D.C. 

If I know anything about the generosity of D.C. men, I know that the donations I'd get would be overwhelming and I'd need a private plane to haul it all back! So, I cannot accept canned goods while I'm there. And, as much as I'd love to, I can't give the discount, either. It's very expensive for me to travel there, what with getting us a fantastic place to rendevous, flight and car rental I can only show my appreciation to you by making sure you have the most fabulous time ever. I hope that's enough. 

I should have thought about this before I posted, but here we are.

So...I'm a bad Nikki. Santa says spank me.
Nikki Irish