Vegas, Baby!

I went yesterday and signed on my new place in Vegas. It's gorgeous! It's not exactly in the area I wanted to be in, but it's very close to the strip and that works better for the moment. 

I have to just mention that I'm not leaving L.A. because the traffic is mind boggling, the smog is...(what IS that?), or the people in Beverly Hills still wear velour (although that makes for a strong case), I'm leaving because Las Vegas feels so perfectly perfect for me. 

I always drive in I-15 and as I come up over the hill and see Vegas in the valley below me, I feel this rush of...something. Familiarity? Love? Awe? Yes, yes, yes. While I understand the state of Las Vegas, it never crumbles under that, but rises up almost majestically out of the desert and shines on. I respect that. 

I also respect the fact that I can practically drink, get a tattoo (not that I would, ahem), walk barefoot, or wear whatever crazy thing I want to 24 hours a day and fit in! It's like the anti-high school effect! Love!

It's also affordable, fun and easy. Easy in ways that I deem important. Traffic is minimal (Boston, NYC, D.C., L.A. I'm talking to you), shopping is plentiful and mountains. Oh boy, mountains. On a clear day the mountains almost shimmer. It's like a 3-D affect. It can be startling almost. I can think of a lot more things I could dislike beside being startled by beauty. 

So, I'm headed there to live in the city I've most found to be like me. Bright, vibrant, entertaining and let's not forget slutty (you thought I was going to say cheap, didn't you? Shame on you!).

See you there!
Nikki Irish