Pet Peeves

As a redhead I'm pretty fiery about the things I believe in. I feel passionate about most things; docile or apathetic are not words generally used to describe me.

That brings me to this amazing life that I get to live. Meeting amazing people and having incredible moments with them really does bring something to my life. Having said that, though, I do meet people who sometimes fail to impress. Let me say that a majority meet or exceed my high expectations, but there are always those few. You know who you are (but if you don't...allow me).

The things that really light my fire (in an arson sort of way) are things that really come down to being ignorant of or ignoring basic courtesies. 

The first is being late. I could be rabid about this (as I really do my very best to be on time to everything), but it really gets to me. I really try to be flexible, but I really do get bored of hearing about traffic delays. Unless you just fell into a large city from a spaceship that captured you before cars were invented, you realize what traffic patterns exist in your world. Let me tell you, I've lived in NYC, DC, Boston and Houston/Dallas (as far as high traffic areas go) I KNOW what traffic is. I also know that if I ever wanted to be somewhere on time that I left hours early never trusting that it would be a good day. My reliability is my best asset. Please make it yours when dealing with me. Thank you, Mr. Punctual. Heh.

Speaking of time; I really enjoy being with you, honestly I do, but I live my life on a schedule. I go to school, I have dogs that need to be walked, loved and coddled like the spoiled brats I've molded them to be, I have groceries to buy, errands to run, bills to pay and shoes to buy (thank you for your contribution to those last two items - I love you). I find you fascinating and I truly enjoy your company, but I have limits. Those limits don't necessarily start and stop at the hour mark, but if I'm kind enough to not watch that clock, be kind enough to ask me if I have the time to spare on your own. It makes me feel like the extra time I give you is valued. Being taken advantage of is my least favorite activity.

Be a gentleman. The majority of you have this down to an art form. Your graciousness, thoughtfulness and kindness fill me with gratitude and make me so thankful that I get to do this amazing thing that I love so much. Without partners like you this would not be worth doing, so thank you. There are those very few that will, however, go on boards, write reviews and generally speak negatively. I find this to be crass and offensive. If you don't enjoy something about our experience, not telling me immediately effectively takes away your right to degrade and insult me in public forums (not that it should ever happen, but whatever). At least that's my opinion. It doesn't happen much, but when it does it makes doing this a little harder and a little less fun. I really dislike when a person can't help but lose all manners regarding such an intimate experience. The old adage 'if you can't say something nice...' surely should apply here. At any rate, it makes you look unkind and women don't want to see unkind men, so you know. And may I reiterate that there are very few who behave this way, the rest of you make my world go 'round.

So, now that I've gotten this out of the way I hope we can continue to be good friends. I adore meeting you and spending time with you; it has to be one of my favorite activities in the world (if you couldn't tell) and I really am so appreciative that, out of all the beautiful women in the world, you choose me to spend time with. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Nikki Irish