Patience is a Virtue

No, silly, I'm not talking about you and the extraordinarily long wait you've had up until now waiting for me to finally post again. I'm talking about me and my complete lack of this virtue.

An ex used to say about me that I was 'in the IG Department.' I asked him what that meant and he simply said 'the Instant Gratification Department.' Truer words were never spoken. 

I want this move to happen NOW. I want to be in Vegas NOW. I want, I want, I want and I want it NOW. See?

The worst part, I believe, is that I'm certain that I could have what I wanted now if I just made the herculean effort to make it happen. But then we come to my other flaw (as I only have these two, you know): procrastination.

I know that I need to do things. Not only do I know I need to do them, but I know that I CAN do them. I can do them and get them over with, but noooooo, being on the internet, reading a book, shopping, sleeping, eating, staring off into space are so much more fun/important/distracting than actually doing anything productive. 

An example: I have homework (I will be in school in perpetuity). I am an excellent student, especially at research/writing. I actually LOVE school. I love every subject I've ever had unless it begins with 'm' and ends with 'ath.' But I cannot for the life of me START an assignment unless there are only 10 minutes left until it's due. It's the most insane thing I do (that's debatable, I'm sure). 

So, anyway, I wrote all of this to say...

can someone come over and help me pack? I ONLY HAVE FOUR DAYS 'TIL I LEAVE. OMG. (look, I have four days to get something done, that's a record!)
Nikki Irish