I'm obsessed with nakedness. I think the human form is the most sensual sight. I can find something sexy on anyone, man or woman. Everything about the body gives me an passionate thrill. 

I love the curve of the neck, the way a shoulder blade juts out, the slope from back to bottom. I love curves and cuts and valleys, I love texture and form and function. Oh, function, how I love thee. 

I love the natural smell of someone. That animalistic, earthy smell that takes me to the most erotic of places. Being tactile means that my hands roam, taking in those textures, those traits that only a man can have. The solid, rough surface that creates a sexual friction causes my blood to boil and my heart to pound.

I can look at a man and immediately crave to have the landscape of his body under my touch. Strangers, friends, men, anyone. Bodies stir something in me that is so primal, as though I need to claw their clothes off to get to their skin. To get to the base of my sexual desires. 

Everything else is just bonus. 
Nikki Irish