When warm lips come together in the softest, most gentle of ways and they part with the easing of the tongue, I melt. 

When lips touch mine my mind immediately tells me to get closer, to meet and to connect intimately. It says to explore, find, touch, feel. It is an invitation to passion.

I can feel a kiss, if done right, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. It is an all-encompassing, warm rush of emotion that can say so many things. 

Fuck me.

Love me.

Take me.

Be gentle.

Be rough.

If translated correctly it is the thoroughfare to ecstasy.

It can be exploratory, curious, engaging, playful or naughty. To be such a singular act with so many facets is to have an unending way to connect.

I love the wetness of the mouth combined with the softness of lips. Isn't it the most luxurious of textures, to have a soft lips and a wet tongue meet the same? It's as though I'm sliding beneath the cool, soft sheets on the softest of beds; my senses heightened to the intensity of the meeting of these elements. I melt. 

Lead me into passion with the taste of your mouth on mine, I will go.
Nikki Irish