So, About Me.

I'm southern born and bred, as we Texans like to put it. Kind of sounds like I was born into a herd of cattle, but so it is, has been and shall always be. I'm from Dallas to be exact. Big D. A Dallasite. I'm also, obviously, a flaming, raging liberal. Guess we know who doesn't get invited to the family reunions.

I started down this career path because I was forced there by fundamentalist Pentecostals. I know, seems extreme, but just verbalizing that means you don't know me at all. I am nothing if not extreme. I dive with sharks, drive my car as though the world was my Autobahn, and live life right on the very crumbling edge. You envy me, admit it.

I'm a passionate, energetic soul; born to breathe in this crazy world deeply and often, hyperventilating to make sure I get it all before it runs out. It's not a problem, it's a gift. Unless you're my therapist trying to suck every last dollar from my wallet, THEN I most definitely have problems.

So, I do this, REALLY, because I love people. I love people, I love learning about people, I love connecting physically and mentally, I love orgasms. There, I said it. I also happen to do it because I found I was stellar at it. I haven't had anyone tell me differently so I could be delusional. It's okay, did I mention I have orgasms??

I'll be talking more about that later, I hope you don't mind. But, for now, I'm in NYC and I need to go out into the crazy city and visit friends, eat great food and, you know, live.

Nikki Irish