Nikki Irish

Please note that I will be leaving NYC for a private location as of October 31, 2018. I will be touring for the near future. Please check my calendar for my visits to your city.

You meet thousands of people and none really touch you, but then you meet that one person that changes your life forever. I can be her.

Erotic, sensual, passionate, engaging and deeply invested in your happiness. You will find in me a wild redhead, a passionate lover, an intelligent, inquisitive woman, endlessly fascinating and fascinated by you.

When I seduce I find it best done with fine wine, softly flickering candles, sexy music and my soft curvy body to set the mood.

You will leave changed, I assure you.

I am a beautiful and refined partner, someone who you will enjoy immensely. Come see what the talk is all about. I am...

THE Nikki Irish