'Let there be pleasure and ecstasy on earth and let it begin with me.' 


Born and raised in Texas for most of my life I am the essence of a southern girl. Kind, giving with perfect manners and a slight southern drawl that will melt over you like honey. I am also a pleaser as you may know if you are familiar with southern culture. My goal is your pleasure and happiness. 

The whole of my education was completed in Texas. I am degreed and knowledgeable on a vast array of subjects. I also have a wicked sense of humor, a sharp wit and an opinion on virtually everything. Follow me on Twitter if you'd like to see me in all of my glory (@Nikki_Irish).

I am also an avid master scuba diver and have been diving all over the world. Ask me about my favorite places (and sharks!). I also love to ride my Cannondale SuperSix EVO road bike and hike in beautiful places. I love the outdoors and would love to spend time with you there on a special bespoke date! 

I have a stellar reputation that I have cultivated, nurtured and maintained for my entire life as an escort. I am devoted to making our time together amazing and I can assure you we will have an experience like no other and it will be my absolute pleasure to share that with you. I look very forward to spending time with you.